Collaboration: Embracing teamwork among staff, volunteers, other organizations, and our community. The JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center is committed to partnering with educational facilities, sanctuaries, non-profits, corporations, film and photography to share our love and knowledge of the canids and their human-canine connection.

Photo above by Anabel Dflux Photography; Animal featured are not owned by the JABCECC

Building the Foundation for Healing event at the JABCECC Dec 2016

Building the Foundation for Healing event at the JABCECC Dec 2016


Potente Law Firm:

Dr. Clive Wynne: Canine Science Collaboratory, ASU  

Dr. James Sacco: Ellis Pharmacogenomics Laboratory, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Drake University

Drs. Lyudmila Trut and Anastasiya Kharlamova: Institute of Genetics and Cytology, Novosibirsk, RU

Dr. Anna Kukekova: University of Chicago, Champagne-Urbana

New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society


Keepers of the Bond

Coin Up: Download Coin Up Here

Katie's Kanine Treats

Lindsey Carmichael

Cathirose Petrone ND, MA and Marco Adda :  We Dog


Anabel Dflux Photography

Kingston Photography

SS Photography



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