Through the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of animals we share this beautiful world with.

We believe that all animals have the right to exist, not just as a species, but as an individual

Through the collaborations with experts, sanctuaries, animal welfare groups, schools, zoos, and film and photography, and YOU we are forging a path to a peaceful union with our environment. While we specialize in canids, our love for all animals is the foundation of our work. We appreciate your support in any form, whether it is merely sharing our work with others, lending a hand to help us reach our common goals, or providing a donation to support us as we move forward - we appreciate you!  Be Foxy, Be Love, Be Light, Be Inspired to make a difference!!!


1) We require AT LEAST an 8 hour commitment a month

2) We require you have dependable transportation, be responsive to emails, and be dependable. We give our volunteers 3 opportunities and then you will be removed from future volunteer opportunities

3) We require an interview process and training. Volunteers must be over the age of 16 for normal volunteer activities.

4) IF YOUR ONLY GOAL IS TO PLAY WITH FOXES OR HAVE A FREE ENCOUNTER, DO NOT APPLY. We are a non-profit and require serious and committed support.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Please state in the Specific Skill Set those that apply

1) Social media/PR/Marketing

2) Event planning/Fundraisers

3) Program Development and charity outreach

4) Volunteer management

5) Encounter development

6) Construction/design/landscaping/enclosures/enrichment building

7) Assistance during encounters and center activities

8) General Administrative

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