Conservation ANd Healing Through Education, Interaction, Collaboration

Conservation ANd Healing Through Education, Interaction, Collaboration

Healing animals and humans through conservation


The Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center is a not for profit organization (501c3 submitted) located in Santa Ysabel, CA.  

It has been said that dogs are man's best friend.  This is a sentiment that anyone who has ever shared their life with one of these lovable canids would certainly agree. My husband and I have spent all our lives around these remarkable animals.  We are now opening a canid (canine) education and conservation center in the Santa Ysabel area to try to give back to these animals some of the love they have given us.  The center is dedicated specifically to canids.  The canid family consists of two groups, wolf/dog like animals (Canines) and fox like animals (Vulpines).  The center will have Ambassador Russian domesticated foxes, Ambassador wolves/dogs, Primitive Dogs, and partner with canine shelters, rescues, and animal assisted therapy organizations.

·        It will be the only center that will have numerous primitive dogs and the Russian domesticated foxes – two animals that are key to understanding how animals have become domesticated.  This research is offering new insights into human social disorders.

·        Evidence Based Animal Assisted Therapy Programs.  We will utilize different types of canids to provide programs to individuals with conditions where healing with animals has been shown to improve a disease state or condition.  Many of these animals will be rescued from shelters, through our collaborations with these organizations,  which will give them an opportunity to help themselves by helping people.  

·         Interactive Educational Events with our Ambassador animals. We will have events at the center and off site.  This will allow the public to have interactions with some very unique Canids and obtain a better understanding of them.  Through understanding comes appreciation and through appreciation comes conservation.   

We will strive to offer unique solutions to aid in the conservation and the promotion of the general welfare of all canids.  By utilizing the latest research from academia combined with novel approaches found in the business world, we hope to change many of the paradigms that currently do not fully address many of the problems faced by canids.  

All animals in the photography on this site are not owned by the JABCECC.

A Russian domesticated fox

A Russian domesticated fox


Find out who we are and why we are so passionate about our center.

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A Russian domesticated fox

A Russian domesticated fox


Educating the public about world-wide conservation efforts to protect various species of canids.  Through our Ambassador animal program, expose people to their unique place in our ecosystem. Learn more about our services

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