The Silver Russian domesticated fox.... the fox with no name

We have had a very busy week of planning at the JABCECC.  But the most exciting and important update is this beautiful silver fox that will be a part of our family.  He was selected to be placed with a family months ago, was sterilized (as all Russian domesticated foxes come sterilized with all their shots) and grew up with Maks and Viktor on the farm. Well, at the last minute we were informed that he did not have a placement anymore and we knew we couldn't leave him behind.  We increased our efforts on our GoFundme

But unfortunately, we haven't been able to secure a sizeable amount of money. Some asked why is it so expensive when a ranch raised fox is $500.  Well, first, these are in Russia - and not just in Russia, but Siberia (Yes, very cold).  As such, they cost a lot of money to import.  Once imported, they require getting to our place.  They are at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics and are part of the Fox domesticated program.  They are very unique and can only be found at the ICG.  They are genetically domesticated, but without a purpose in life besides the research the ICG does. While we appreciate what we have learned and the value of the program, we believe that these foxes deserve more than to live their lives on a farm. We want to bring them to the US to be a part of our center to be Ambassadors for their wild and captive bred counterparts. To fight the fur industry and the use of fur bearing animals for VANITY!! 

We know the majority of the people looking at our website agree that the fur industry should be eliminated and serves no real purpose compared to the harm it does these beautiful animals. So, we continue to ask for your support in this fight. Don't buy fur, don't support designers that use fur, tell your retail stores to stop selling fur.....

Oh, and help us pick out a name for this beautiful silver fox!!! AND LET'S GET FOXY!!!

New Arrivals, but need your support

As many of you know, we have been requesting support to bring Maks, Viktor - and now a new Silver fox to the US from the Russian fox program.  These foxes are in RUSSIA and need to be imported into the US and then we have to obtain resources to transport them us in Utah. This costs a lot of money. But it is critical that we bring these foxes to the US and through interactive educational events, animal assisted therapy programs, and photo shoots we can increase understanding of foxes. Through understanding comes appreciation and through appreciation comes conservation. We must stop the Fur industry and the use of fur bearing animals for fashion and vanity.  Maks, Viktor, and the new silver serve such a greater purpose than to be on someone's collar.  We started a GoFundme and urgently need everyone to donate just $5 and to share the campaign with their friends.  Please, just $5 - everyone can donate that amount to help us bring these foxes to the US from Russia.



We depend and rely on the generous donations and support of kind souls to build our center and develop our healing programs.  Today is giving back Tuesday and we would love your support, whether you can donate, provide expertise in your trade, or just buy some of our Fox Appeal products.  We made some really awesome mugs and selling them for $12.95, plus shipping, while supplies last. Please reach us at if you are interested.  If you want to check out our other products or donate, please visit


Black Friday Loves Canids!!

We Absolutely love our collaboration with Fox Appeal, Wildly Clever Apparel.  How awesome are these new designs and how perfect are they for your foxy canine loved one?  All proceeds actually are donated to the center to help us with our mission to heal canines through healing humans.  Please check out and be sure to stock up before these foxy gifts are gone!! 

Giving Thanks


Today we lost our best friend, our baby, our companion, the love of our life, Bart. He blessed us with his strength and fierce loyalty for 14.5 years. He was a dog like no other, the confidence, intensity, and courage he attacked life with left many in awe over him. But the sweetness, compassion, and kindness he shared with us changed who we are as people. He made us stronger, more loving, more confident, and more free. He taught us so much about how to live life with grace,... gratitude, and with conviction. He died the same way he lived life, on his terms... He wasn't ill, had a normal day - and at some point during the night, without making a single sound, he left us. We grieve and our hearts are aching from the loss of this beautiful soul, teacher, companion in our lives. But we know his spirit will live with us and give us the strength to be the voice for animals and people - to have the confidence to accomplish amazing things for others... RIP BART...


Primitive dogs with their guardian Deneen during their adventure. They are not owned by the JABCECC

Primitive dogs with their guardian Deneen during their adventure. They are not owned by the JABCECC

NGSDs are considered semi-domesticated and hold keys to understanding domestication and insight into our own social bonding disorders. Archie is a 10 yr old male Singer who comes from some pretty special DNA.  Archie's family was no longer able to care for him and had decided to euthanize him if he could not find a home.  We could not let this happen and with the help of some ladies I know refer to as angels, Archie made his way all the way from Virginia to us.  Along the way, Luxx kept him company.  She is also a Singer, but a 3 yr old female.  Archie was sweet on her and we knew we needed them to be together, so we asked to adopt her into our family as well.  Luxx is part of the conservation efforts to maintain the integrity of the Singers' DNA, so she will likely be selected to have glorious singer puppies.  The center is focused on supporting the conservation efforts of the NGSDCS and those that adopt these wonderful animals.

PREVIEW PARTY - AUG 6th - San Diego, CA

A Fox (not owned by the JABCECC)

A Fox (not owned by the JABCECC)


The JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center will be hosting an intimate, invite only preview party for the center on Aug 6th.  We will not only be sharing with you some of the work we are planning for the center, but also some ofour friend's Ambassador foxes and wolves and why the center is important for conservation.  If you would like to collaborate with us and support our efforts, we would love for you to join our party. Please message us at - as this is a private event.  If you would like to Sponsor some portion of the center (venue, beverages, food, entertainment), please reach out to us - starting a facility is a huge endeavor and any help that can be offered to make this event AH-Mazing is appreciated!!  Love Foxes, Love Wolves, Love Canids!