BONNIE - Our latest RESCUE!! She needs your help


Bonnie needs our love and support to help her heal after years of neglect!!!  She needs EMERGENCY VETERINARY CARE!!!

Bonnie was obtained by a "dog breeder" who traded a pair of her "dogs" for a pair of New Guinea Singing dogs.  She thought she could make a lot of money breeding and selling these rare dogs... but the male was ill and they never had a litter. The male died and the lady listed the female on Craig's List!!!!

She was unwanted, unloved, and not cared for! She was useless because she couldn’t be used as a puppy mill for this lady!! Look at her nails!!! This “breeder” wanted to exploit the fact that she was rare to sell her puppies for a lot of $$- but once she couldn’t have puppies, she figured she would try to sell an 8 year old female for $500!!! Of course, she said she would only take CASH!!!  But we convinced her to take receipt through Paypal, because we are a non-profit (501c3) and needed the paper trail!!!   We required a Health Certificate and requested confirmation of her health and that she was up to date on all of her shots/vaccinations!!  She confirmed she had no medical history and was up to date!!!  WELL!!!!!!

As part of our effort in the conservation of New Guinea Singing dogs and their rescue, we raised the money to purchase her from this lady and found placement in a sanctuary with another rescue Singer.

When we went to pick her up, we discovered that she was so sick that she could barely walk.  She just laid on the ground and wanted to be picked up!!

She likely has a nail bed infection from years of neglect!!

She has scars on her leg

She also has a horrible infection in her mouth, with many missing teeth- from years of poor veterinary care and even worse food!!!

The infection will definitely require she have teeth extracted, but possibly part of her bone and we don't even know if the infection has spread to other parts of her body or bone!!  

We have to take her immediately to a vet!!!  One of our team members is currently driving her through horrible storms to get her to the vet as quickly as possible.  He estimates that her veterinary care will cost a minimum of $3000 to start, plus we need to find a place for boarding and care until she is able to go to her new sanctuary!!  


Please help us make Bonnie walk and eat again by donating either through our website, the GoFundMe (see link above) we set up, or contact us directly.  If you can just donate $10 to help get her a fighting chance at life!!! We rescued her from this horrible situation, now we need to show her she matters!!!