The JABCECC has some super exciting news to share with the JABCECC family!  As many of you know, Amy and Dave Bassett are a part of a group of conservationists committed to ensuring the continued existence of the New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD).   Currently, there are around 250 NGSDs in the worldwide captive population and it is unknown how many, if any, are still present in the wild.  The NGSDs provide insight into not only domestication, but they are also shedding light on human social bonding disorders. 

LUXX: The Canadian Sweetheart

About a year ago, Amy and Dave learned about a few NGSDs that needed forever homes, so they adopted Luxx and Archie.  Luxx was rescued by some amazing women from a zoo in Canada and just hadn't found her home. Through fate alone, She found her way to Amy and Dave and they fell immediately in love with her.  They were so mesmerized by her and knew immediately how special this girl was.  She was the girl that fought against all the odds in frigid temperatures in Canada to survive - and that fight didn't make this girl bitter, it made her strong, sweet, and loving. She greets people with a kindness not common these days - she melts hearts - and she mends broken souls.  Luxxy is no ordinary girl!!

Amy and Dave Bassett engrossed themselves in understanding the genetics of the singers and how to best affect the conservation efforts of the NGSDs.  They were able to bring people together from various conservation groups through the love of Luxxy to put together a plan for breeding Luxx, the Canadian Sweetheart!.  

Today we learned that Luxx is pregnant with 5 precious babies. These babies will be so full of her love, sweetness, and healing.  We cannot wait to share her journey and the countdown to the babies.  Check back for daily updates on Luxxy, the Daddy, and her babies!! 

Baby Luxx

Baby Luxx