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Luci and Vonn, happy together, at the roadside zoo before they were sold to the exotics breeder. You see the light in their eyes.

Luci and Vonn, happy together, at the roadside zoo before they were sold to the exotics breeder. You see the light in their eyes.

Saving Luci and Vonn - New Guinea Singing Dogs

Mans' first BFF?: The Living FOSSIL The New Guinea Singing Dogs
The New Guinea Singing dog (NGSDs) is truly a living fossil.  It is though by many that these dogs are very similar the first canids to leave their home in the wild to live beside man and go on to become our best friend and companion.  In the 1950's two of these dogs were brought to the United States.  They became the founders of a captive population of these dogs created in order to ensure this valuable link in the evolution of dogs was never lost.  Due to development in New Guinea as well as the introduction on modern dogs this was, and remains a real possibility.  Unfortunately, due to the unique status of these dogs they often need our help.  People exploit their rarity as a way to make a quick buck with zero regard for their well being.  It is at these times kind souls need to step forward and rescue these animals from the wretched existence provided and give them the love and dignity they deserve.  Two NGSDs that currently need help are Luci and Von.

 The Canadian Singers: The ones left behind - THEY NEED OUR HELP TO Re-SPARK THEIR LIGHT!!

Vonn: The Stoic      
Vonn is a Senior NGSD from Canada, approx. 11 years old, and was born in a small roadside zoo in Canada to a small group of NGSD’s that called the zoo home for over 25 years. All of them were members of a NGSD legacy that stretches back for almost 30 years. They are descended from very important NGSD Founders imported to Canada from Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.  Vonn did not have frequent interactions with people as a puppy and therefore is not socialized. It is possible Vonn could have been abused and was living in a very stressful situation.  In time we hope with trust, love, and respect he will allow us to be his friend and receive the love we wish for him. He is very handsome and special.  Vonn is the LAST full blood, remaining New Guinea Singing Dog from this very important original Canadian Line.

Luci: The Love
Luci is 5 years old, also born at  the zoo and descended from 5 Singers purchased and brought to the zoo in 2007.  Luci had puppies while at the zoo, some of which, were a rare Black and Tan coloration.  This coloration is seen in wild NGSDs but has only been seen 10-12 times in the captive population.  Luci is very gentle, social and loves to be held and snuggled.   She wants nothing more than a soft bed and unconditional love.

Luci's first time sleeping inside, on a bed, with her loving Auntie Heidi. She is a gentle soul that needs to be given the love and a chance to love in return!

Life in a roadside zoo: Harsh weather and not enough love.

Life was very, very hard for the Singers in Canada, extreme winters, interactions and high mortality rates kept their population very small.  They were isolated and ‘forgotten’ for many years until a small group of Singer Enthusiasts stepped in to try to save the Canadian Singers.  Seven Singers/pups were imported into the U.S. from Canada and placed in private homes from 2013-2015, including 3 of Luci’s own babies.  The zoo was having many issues in Canada, and was forced to close its doors and sell all of their animals, including the Singers. Vonn and Luci were sold to an exotic animal  breeder by the zoo whose intent was in making $$ from the sale of their pups. He thought they would ‘make’ rare black and tan puppies that could be sold for a lot of $$$!  Luci and Vonn did have a litter with this breeder; however he had a very hard selling/placing their puppies.  This left Vonn and Luci of little to no worth to the exotic breeder.  Little care was provided to them and both were kept in very small areas with many other dogs, becoming increasingly stressed, fighting each other and trying to fight other dogs kept by the breeder. There was no love given and the light in their eyes diminished quickly!!!  Luci was severely hurt by Vonn in early 2017 after 3 years together as a bonded pair, she has numerous permanent injuries and scarring.  Their diet consisted of the lowest quality of dog food available.  They were not under any veterinary care and it is evident Luci self-healed in pain and suffering from her injuries. It is suspected Vonn has been hit/beaten, although he retreats and cowers rather than showing aggression.   Both have been damaged mentally and physically and have a long road ahead of them.  

The nasty conditions they lived in at the exotic breeders and the light disappearing from their eyes!
Luci was living in a small box with poop everywhere. Her scars are visible on her face and the loving girl is scared and without hope!

It only took a very short time with this exotics breeder and the stress of their conditions severed the love they had for each other.  Vonn would turn on Luci and they would have very nasty fights. 
Vonn living in filth.

Restoring their light
One of the NGSD enthusiast, Gayle Person,  never gave up looking for Luci and Vonn - she never gave up hope that she would find them and bring them into love and light.  She has been their biggest advocate and has spent a better part of 6 years devoted to saving the Canadian Singers (with the help of others).  Her tenacity and love for these babies was tireless and SHE FOUND THEM!!!!
Luci Safe in Gayle's loving arms!!

Two months ago it was discovered the exotic breeder was selling ‘his breeding pair’, Vonn & Luci.  Inquiries were made, photos exchanged and it was apparent both were in immediate need of rescue!!  The photos were heartbreaking and neither one looked like the same singers he purchased 2 years ago!  They had lost their light, their hope and the hard life they were enduring showed in their eyes!! Through the joint efforts of the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center (a non-profit organization), the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society (NGSDCS), Don Ehrlich; long time Singer Conservationist & Historian, and a small group of private Singer Conservationists, Vonn and Luci were purchased from the Exotic Breeder,  thanks to a generous donation from the NGSDCS and a generous donation from White Label Juice Co. After what seemed like a very long 30 day wait for rabies quarantine they were quietly shipped to the U.S.

Three amazing and beautiful souls, Gayle Person (the Canadian Singer Mama Bear), Heidi Ann (we call her the Auntie Heidi), and Matt Person (the fearless animal advocate) stopped their lives and drove to get these babies and bring them into the loving care of Don Ehrlich, Singer expert. After 20 hours road trip,  that included a hotel stay and for Luci, the first time ever sleeping in a bed, or indoors, they made it to a private facility to start their healing process. 

They are housed in separate spacious pens with enrichments next to each other and a diet of supplemented meat to help them heal.

Singing again!!!

We need your help to bring the light back into Luci and Vonn's eyes and for them to learn to trust again!

Their story is far from over, their story is just beginning and with your help they can have the happiest ending imaginable!  After a few months in private care they will be transported to the JABCECC in San Diego, CA (a non-profit organization).  Urgently needed is funding for ongoing care, veterinarian expenses, transport and enclosures to be built at JABCECC.  These 2 have become icons to the Singer Community and their story needs to be shared and told. They have endured more than any animal should ever have to, from the day they were born until they day they were rescued, and  now  have opportunities never thought possible or imagined. They DESERVE this and hope you can support them….

Any amount will help to support their ongoing care at their sanctuary for healing and help them come to their forever home in San Diego - where they can be loved by so many!!
If you want to Sponsor them: We are asking for $300 a month.  You can support for as many months as you can!!  We are also looking for donations or support in providing food, enclosures, beautiful loving homes for them at the center, and veterinary care.  PLEASE, SHARE THIS with all your friends and please any amount will help!
You can also provide direct tax deductible donations to the JABCECC ( Tax ID 81-3848496. for direct message.

BE LOVE, LIFE, and LIGHT for those needing a voice!

Luci sleeping in a bed with a human for the first time. She is LOVE!

Luci sleeping in a bed with a human for the first time. She is LOVE!

Vonn in his temporary home, starting to heal!

Vonn in his temporary home, starting to heal!

We have a gofundme as well as donations possible through our website and we accept checks!!