Happy Dance - Foxy play behavior

Sophie, Siberian Cupcakes' Russian domesticated fox had a play date with Maksa, JABCECC Fox Ambassador.  Sophie is demonstrating play behavior towards Maksa and we had to share!  It had me laughing so hard I almost snorted!!!  Sophie can be a bit sensitive or "tender" as the Russians called her.  She is super-emotional and if you make her made, she will put a whoop butt on you!!! - As Boris and Ishy know, all too well.  But she also loves to play, and be loved. 


When we first set out to bring Russian domesticated foxes into our family, we had the ICG videotape the behavior of Boris (they named Eric) and Sophia (they named Amy).  We also had them perform PAT testing on both.  WOW - the differences between the two were evident and truly represent who they currently are today.  The testing was extremely predictive of their adult behavior, even though this testing was developed for domesticated dogs. 

We are pretty sure when given the chance to meet Maksa, you will want to do the Sophers' Happy Dance too!!!