The Center Update and Welcome Matt!!

We have lots of exciting news to share!!!!  We have signed a contract with S&S Contractors to build the center structure.  They are going to begin the work to build a place where our healing can take place.  We expect the project to take a few months and then there will still be plenty of work to occur to make it beautiful and a place we call home for the babies.

Enclosures and fencing is under way and we will still need support to improve the living spaces for the babies and keep them safe and happy!!

We have added Matt Person to our team!!.  Matt has an insane amount of experience with wildlife rescue, dogs, and animal conservation.  He is currently in school for animal conservation and is one of the best handlers I have met.  He has such a natural connection with animals and an amazing spirit.  Everyone will surely fall in love with Matt!  Matt will be helping in the design of the enclosures, development of programs, spearheading our conservation efforts, and assisting in animal handling and educational events.  Matt is a very special addition to our team and we are over the moon blessed to have someone with his energy and skills a part of our non-profit.

Please welcome Matt!!