The Silver Russian domesticated fox.... the fox with no name

We have had a very busy week of planning at the JABCECC.  But the most exciting and important update is this beautiful silver fox that will be a part of our family.  He was selected to be placed with a family months ago, was sterilized (as all Russian domesticated foxes come sterilized with all their shots) and grew up with Maks and Viktor on the farm. Well, at the last minute we were informed that he did not have a placement anymore and we knew we couldn't leave him behind.  We increased our efforts on our GoFundme

But unfortunately, we haven't been able to secure a sizeable amount of money. Some asked why is it so expensive when a ranch raised fox is $500.  Well, first, these are in Russia - and not just in Russia, but Siberia (Yes, very cold).  As such, they cost a lot of money to import.  Once imported, they require getting to our place.  They are at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics and are part of the Fox domesticated program.  They are very unique and can only be found at the ICG.  They are genetically domesticated, but without a purpose in life besides the research the ICG does. While we appreciate what we have learned and the value of the program, we believe that these foxes deserve more than to live their lives on a farm. We want to bring them to the US to be a part of our center to be Ambassadors for their wild and captive bred counterparts. To fight the fur industry and the use of fur bearing animals for VANITY!! 

We know the majority of the people looking at our website agree that the fur industry should be eliminated and serves no real purpose compared to the harm it does these beautiful animals. So, we continue to ask for your support in this fight. Don't buy fur, don't support designers that use fur, tell your retail stores to stop selling fur.....

Oh, and help us pick out a name for this beautiful silver fox!!! AND LET'S GET FOXY!!!