New Arrivals, but need your support

As many of you know, we have been requesting support to bring Maks, Viktor - and now a new Silver fox to the US from the Russian fox program.  These foxes are in RUSSIA and need to be imported into the US and then we have to obtain resources to transport them us in Utah. This costs a lot of money. But it is critical that we bring these foxes to the US and through interactive educational events, animal assisted therapy programs, and photo shoots we can increase understanding of foxes. Through understanding comes appreciation and through appreciation comes conservation. We must stop the Fur industry and the use of fur bearing animals for fashion and vanity.  Maks, Viktor, and the new silver serve such a greater purpose than to be on someone's collar.  We started a GoFundme and urgently need everyone to donate just $5 and to share the campaign with their friends.  Please, just $5 - everyone can donate that amount to help us bring these foxes to the US from Russia.