Happy Fourth of July!

We wanted to share a few of our Favorite Fourth Photos captured during our Photoshoot with Ms. Luna Marie!

Photo credit: Deliquesce-Flux Photography  Model: Luna Marie  Fox: Viktor from JABCECC  MUA: Hey Saylor Cosmetics  Wardrobe: Vintage Inspired by Jackie and Varlavavoom

Photo credit: Deliquesce-Flux Photography

Model: Luna Marie

Fox: Viktor from JABCECC

MUA: Hey Saylor Cosmetics

Wardrobe: Vintage Inspired by Jackie and Varlavavoom

Photo credit: Deliquesce-Flux Photography  Model: Luna Marie  Fox: Maksa from JABCECC  MUA: Hey Saylor Cosmetics  Wardrobe: Vintage Inspired by Jackie and Varlavavoom

Photo credit: Deliquesce-Flux Photography

Model: Luna Marie

Fox: Maksa from JABCECC

MUA: Hey Saylor Cosmetics

Wardrobe: Vintage Inspired by Jackie and Varlavavoom

Photo credit: Deliquesce-Flux Photography  Model: Luna Marie  Fox: Maksa from JABCECC  MUA: Hey Saylor Cosmetics  Wardrobe: Vintage Inspired by Jackie and Varlavavoom

Photo credit: Deliquesce-Flux Photography

Model: Luna Marie

Fox: Maksa from JABCECC

MUA: Hey Saylor Cosmetics

Wardrobe: Vintage Inspired by Jackie and Varlavavoom

Planning Underway for the Big Grand Opening - With Love From Russia

The JABCECC is starting to plan for the grand opening weekend party. We are hoping to schedule the party for the end of summer.

The weekend, while still in the beginning planning phase, will be full of fun canid centered activities, entertainment, education, food, drinks, and outstanding guests!!

As we begin the planning process, we are reaching out to all of our friends and supporters to ask you how would you like to be involved?

We need help with the following:

1) Food/Drinks coordinator: reaching out to local venues to explore who can donate/cater for the events

2) Design coordinator - this place needs to look fantabulous!!! We will need local party companies and a super canid theme

3) Event coordinator

4) Hotel/transportation Coordinator: Securing local hotel rooms and shuttle service for folks

5) Sponsorship Coordinator: Reach out to see which companies would like to sponsor/advertise for the event

6) Volunteer Coordinator: Organize the volunteers

7) Guest speaker coordinator: Reach out to experts in canid conservation, genetics to provide guest lecture during the event

8) Entertainment Coordinator: We need some good music!!!

9: PR/Social Media Coordinator

10) Film/Photography

11) Items for Auction

Photo by Dandelion Dreams Photography

Photo by Dandelion Dreams Photography


If interested, contact Amy at foxes@siberiancupcakes.com

The Verge Science

The center had the privilege of being interviewed for a piece on the Russian Domesticated foxes.  The short documentary came out on 9/11 and we defiantly have gotten some visibility!!! We are currently adding encounter dates at the center to accommodate the demand.... we are so excited to be able to share the Belyaev foxes with so many people!!

What we also really need are some sponsorship of the foxes, donations, and construction help.   

If you are looking for an amazing chance to be part of a nonprofit or to support a nonprofit from the beginning, let us know!!




BONNIE - Our latest RESCUE!! She needs your help


Bonnie needs our love and support to help her heal after years of neglect!!!  She needs EMERGENCY VETERINARY CARE!!!

Bonnie was obtained by a "dog breeder" who traded a pair of her "dogs" for a pair of New Guinea Singing dogs.  She thought she could make a lot of money breeding and selling these rare dogs... but the male was ill and they never had a litter. The male died and the lady listed the female on Craig's List!!!!

She was unwanted, unloved, and not cared for! She was useless because she couldn’t be used as a puppy mill for this lady!! Look at her nails!!! This “breeder” wanted to exploit the fact that she was rare to sell her puppies for a lot of $$- but once she couldn’t have puppies, she figured she would try to sell an 8 year old female for $500!!! Of course, she said she would only take CASH!!!  But we convinced her to take receipt through Paypal, because we are a non-profit (501c3) and needed the paper trail!!!   We required a Health Certificate and requested confirmation of her health and that she was up to date on all of her shots/vaccinations!!  She confirmed she had no medical history and was up to date!!!  WELL!!!!!!

As part of our effort in the conservation of New Guinea Singing dogs and their rescue, we raised the money to purchase her from this lady and found placement in a sanctuary with another rescue Singer.

When we went to pick her up, we discovered that she was so sick that she could barely walk.  She just laid on the ground and wanted to be picked up!!

She likely has a nail bed infection from years of neglect!!

She has scars on her leg

She also has a horrible infection in her mouth, with many missing teeth- from years of poor veterinary care and even worse food!!!

The infection will definitely require she have teeth extracted, but possibly part of her bone and we don't even know if the infection has spread to other parts of her body or bone!!  

We have to take her immediately to a vet!!!  One of our team members is currently driving her through horrible storms to get her to the vet as quickly as possible.  He estimates that her veterinary care will cost a minimum of $3000 to start, plus we need to find a place for boarding and care until she is able to go to her new sanctuary!!  


Please help us make Bonnie walk and eat again by donating either through our website, the GoFundMe (see link above) we set up, or contact us directly.  If you can just donate $10 to help get her a fighting chance at life!!! We rescued her from this horrible situation, now we need to show her she matters!!!


Center updates - The Verge and all the good stuff


Clearly I have been negligent with updating the Blog... Things are definitely moving in the right direction. 

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having the Science Team from The Verge out to film and interview us for a documentary they are doing on the Russian fox program.  We had a great time sharing our Ambassador foxes with them.  Viktor was definitely hamming it up all day and was the Super Star!!


The documentary will likely air in Sept and we will be sure to post and share with everyone. It will also include interviews by world renowned experts in canine cognition and genetics, Dr. Clive Wynne and Dr. Anna Kukekova.


If you are a news company or researcher and want to come visit our Ambassadors, let us know!

Singer Conservation Babies are HERE!!


Please join us to welcome a very important New Guinea Singing Dog conservation litter.  This litter was planned as part of our center's commitment to applying the latest technology and advances in science to ensure the genetic integrity of the NGSD captive population.  

Mama Luxxy tending to her new babies

Mama Luxxy tending to her new babies

Luxxy had 5 precious babies.  3 boys and 2 girls.  We named them after the nail polish used to distinguish them: Where's my Chauffer (m), Heavenly (m), Chanel Vernis (f), Positively hot (f), and Forget me not (m).  


Please follow us as we share their little lives with everyone!!!




The JABCECC has some super exciting news to share with the JABCECC family!  As many of you know, Amy and Dave Bassett are a part of a group of conservationists committed to ensuring the continued existence of the New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD).   Currently, there are around 250 NGSDs in the worldwide captive population and it is unknown how many, if any, are still present in the wild.  The NGSDs provide insight into not only domestication, but they are also shedding light on human social bonding disorders. 

LUXX: The Canadian Sweetheart

About a year ago, Amy and Dave learned about a few NGSDs that needed forever homes, so they adopted Luxx and Archie.  Luxx was rescued by some amazing women from a zoo in Canada and just hadn't found her home. Through fate alone, She found her way to Amy and Dave and they fell immediately in love with her.  They were so mesmerized by her and knew immediately how special this girl was.  She was the girl that fought against all the odds in frigid temperatures in Canada to survive - and that fight didn't make this girl bitter, it made her strong, sweet, and loving. She greets people with a kindness not common these days - she melts hearts - and she mends broken souls.  Luxxy is no ordinary girl!!

Amy and Dave Bassett engrossed themselves in understanding the genetics of the singers and how to best affect the conservation efforts of the NGSDs.  They were able to bring people together from various conservation groups through the love of Luxxy to put together a plan for breeding Luxx, the Canadian Sweetheart!.  

Today we learned that Luxx is pregnant with 5 precious babies. These babies will be so full of her love, sweetness, and healing.  We cannot wait to share her journey and the countdown to the babies.  Check back for daily updates on Luxxy, the Daddy, and her babies!! 

Baby Luxx

Baby Luxx

Foundation for Healing status!!

We are so excited to have started the Foundation for Healing at the center.  We hired a contractor to build the overall structure (just the shell) -and will need to complete the interior of the center once the shell is completed.  If anyone would like to donate time, materials, or money to help finish the inside of the structure (once the shell is complete), please let us know.  It will be all hands on deck!!!  Any tradesman will be incredibly valuable to help us decrease the overall expense.  If you know of any electricians, plumbers, tillers, handymen, drywallers, etc that would like to donate their time, please let us know!!!

The bottom floor of the center

The bottom floor of the center

In the meantime, we have decided to offer encounters periodically.  This allows people to learn more about what we are doing and a chance to meet the Ambassadors.  



On-site Encounters

Next Encounter:


On-Site: Currently our on-site encounter is scheduled for Sept 10 and we only have one more reservation available.  If you are a non-profit and would like to donate the encounter to heal an underserved, sick, or in need population - please let us know.

Off-site Events:

SEPT 16: We will also be at the Hennessey's in Seal Beach on Sept 16th to share with the folks up North a little bit about us!!  The event is hosted by A Dog Named Snowy.

Oct 1:  Oktoberfest Encinitas.  The JABCECC will have a booth at the Oktoberfest!  Stop on by!!