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Amy and Dave Bassett

Amy and Dave Bassett

Amy: Amy has the passion, persistence, and fight to bring the topic of canid conservation into mainstream.  Through the JABCECC, she will develop relationships with diverse organizations, academics, experts, industries, companies and people to find targeted ways to work together to better understand the key issues affecting canids, realistic solutions, and barriers to the implementation of those solutions.  Amy has worked closely in the scientific space with not only the ICG, but with other key opinion leaders and those driving efforts in research and conservation.  She is an expert in clinical trials and the execution of clinical protocols for publication and regulatory review.  Using this expertise and her love for animals, she will direct the research efforts at the JABCECC.   Above all, it is her unyielding motivation to fight for those animals that have no voice, no audience, and no solutions.  Whether it is the horrific use of animals in the fur industry, culling wolves, coyotes and wild dogs,  destroying the precious genetic integrity of primitive dog breeds, or rescuing shelter dogs, she will put her entire soul and heart into making a difference.  Using the Ambassador foxes and other canids, she will strive to demonstrate the value of each species and each individual within the species and provide evidence based solutions and strategies for conservation.

Co-Founders, Amy and David Bassett with their first Russian domesticated foxes, Sophia and Boris (Siberian Cupcakes).  Photo courtesy of Ted Walton Photography

Co-Founders, Amy and David Bassett with their first Russian domesticated foxes, Sophia and Boris (Siberian Cupcakes).

Photo courtesy of Ted Walton Photography

Dave:  Dave is not only our animal behaviorist, he is the creative intelligence of the JABCECC. Dave has over 40+ years in K9 breeding and training, specializing in obedience and utility work.  He has also spent his life as an entrepreneur as a biomechanical engineer developing prosthetics.  Dave is truly an out of the box thinker who is able to bring technology and concepts from various professions and combine them together to create novel solutions to a new area.  If it doesn't defy the laws of physics, Dave will find a way to make it happen. It is fairly evident he is Judi's son, and has taken the "watch me" philosophy to how he lives his life.  This skill-set combined with his intelligence and ability to connect with and understand animals will be instrumental in developing the foundation for the direction of the JABCECC.   Dave's passion for animals, canines in particular, and his confidence,  with the support of Amy,  can truly change the landscape for Conservation groups. This has inspired him to create the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center with Amy.  Through interactive education, research programs, and animal assisted therapy programs with our Ambassador canids, the JABCECC can truly make an impact on the lives of their wild and captive bred counterparts. 

Amy and Dave with their two GSDs, Bart and Lola

Amy and Dave with their two GSDs, Bart and Lola



Rescue Specialist: Victoria Klouda


Victoria has been a fierce advocate for both foxes and Singers with over 6 NGSD rescues/placements to her credit!!!  With only 250-300 in the captive population, that is very impressive... The following Singers thank her for finding them Forever homes: Mingo, Livvy, Mel, Bonnie, Lyric, and Max!!!The JABCECC is lucky to have such an intelligent, clever, and compassionate advocate on our team!  If you have located a singer that is in need of rescue or placement, please contact us and Victoria will follow-up with you!!! 




We have many other critical humans behind the scenes providing guidance and direction for various aspects of our center.  Many you will see at our events, in our newsletters, at our center, or during our programs.  If you want to volunteer and be part of our team, please contact us at foxes@siberiancupcakes.com.  Currently, we could use some support in social media, marketing, web-design, and fundraising.




Embracing teamwork among staff, volunteers, other organizations, and our community. The JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center is committed to partnering with educational facilities, sanctuaries, non-profits, corporations, film and photography to share our love and knowledge of the canids and their human-canine connection.


Potente Law Firm:  www.potentelaw.com

Dr. Clive Wynne: Canine Science Collaboratory, ASU  

Dr. James Sacco: Ellis Pharmacogenomics Laboratory, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Drake University

Drs. Lyudmila Trut and Anastasiya Kharlamova: Institute of Genetics and Cytology, Novosibirsk, RU

Dr. Anna Kukekova: University of Chicago, Champagne-Urbana

New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society http://newguinea-singing-dog-conservation.org/

Coin Up: Download Coin Up Here

Katie's Kanine Treats http://www.katieskaninetreats.com/

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Cathirose Petrone ND, MA


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