Dogs helping to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder

The JABCECC is developing a novel Read to Dogs program to improve the communicative skills and reading comprehension of children with ASD.  This novel program will include incorporating rescue dogs as the therapy dogs, therapeutic stories created by award winning children's authors, and experts in human-dog relationship.  We are requesting funding to conduct a pilot study to determine the efficacy of the program prior to implementation. If you are interested in collaborating or providing in-kind or financial support for this program, please reach out to us.  We are in need to collaboration with autism groups, animal assisted therapy organizations, and experts in education.


Conservation of the New Guinea Singing Dogs

The JABCECC is collaborating with experts in genetics and NGSD enthusiasts to perform a pilot study to help better understand the genetic diversity of the captive bred NGSD population.  The study will focus on obtaining the DNA of a small group of singers and through the testing abilities of Embark Vet determine if through this process, genetic diversity can be maintained. 


Interactive Educational Events with theAmbassadors

The JABCECC offers interactive educational events with our Ambassadors for all ages!!  If you are a school, educational facility, non-profit, organization, corporation, or individual and want to schedule JABCECC to provide you and your group with the amazing experience of meeting our Ambassadors, let us know.  We offer all events off -site currently - so that means we will come to you! 

  • Interactive Education seminar with a chance to meet and interact with the Ambassadors: 1 hour-3 hours.
  • Storytime with the Cupcakes featuring some age appropriate educational books like FoxTalk by LE Carmichael.  What better way to incorporate reading, reading outloud skills, and learning about the importance of animals than to have children participate in reading while interacting with the Ambassadors! 
  • Academic institutions and canine experts:  Understand fox behavior and morphology up close.  Explore the differences in the Russian domesticated foxes and captive bred foxes. Understand influences of nature and nurture on behavior and development.  
  • Birthday parties and events: How cool would your party be with our Ambassadors?  Summer BBQ with our Ambassadors?? Watch your hotdogs!!
  • Film and Photography: Want to add something super foxy to your photoshoot, advertising, or portfolio - let us know!! 
  • Have something else in mind - contact us... we would love to share our amazing animals with you!
  • We do require a donation to the center and reimbursement for travel expenses.