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ENCOUNTERS ARE COMING SOON!!!  Stay tuned to learn all about our educational encounters with our canids.  Encounters will start in Aug 2017 in San Diego.  We will start taking reservations the beginning of July.

If you would like us to come to your event, please contact us for our off-center events.

If you are in the Southern Utah area and are looking to meet the Russians, please contact us for very limited encounters.

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Pre-opening Encounter

A chance to meet and interact with the famous Belyaev foxes (Russian domesticated foxes) and one of our partner Wolf Ambassador, Novi.  Viktor, Maksa, and Mikhail are so excited to start meeting all of their friends and show the world how amazing foxes are.  We are hopeful that our educational interactions will demonstrate why every animal matters, not just as a species, but as an individual.  Through interaction comes understanding, through understanding comes appreciation, through appreciation comes conservation!  Schedule your encounter and LOVE Foxes!!!!


1)           You and up to 3 guests will have one hour interactive education encounter with the Russian domesticated foxes (Ambassador foxes).  Up to 3 foxes will be present. 

2)           Included in the encounter is a gift bag of some center goodies

3)           Refreshments will be provided

4)           We require a waiver of liability be completed by all persons who will have direct contact with any of the Ambassador animals.

5)           Depending on availability, you may have the opportunity to meet primitive dogs and Ambassador wolves (wolf-dogs).  On the 5th, our friend Ambassador Novi will be present.

6)           Any persons with fears of animals can still be a part of the encounter, and watch from outside the gated area. 

7) The cost is $150 (donation) to the center for the one hour encounter. We are a 501c3 corporation.


The center will be under construction, so we do ask that people understand and wear appropriate clothing (and shoes) for their encounter. 


Let me know if you would like to book.  I have added the event to the website under Donations and Merchandise with an option to pick a time. If you prefer to book directly and pay by cash or check, we can do that as well.

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3:00pm 3:00pm


The JABCECC is too excited to wait until our doors are open to start collaborating with the community and sharing our Ambassador animals.  We are having a small preview party on Aug 6th in San Diego, CA.  The event will be focused on sharing the education and conservation efforts that will occur at the center and introduce a few of our amazing Ambassador foxes and wolves.  If you would like to be invited to this event and become a collaborator with us, please message us.... spaces are filling up.

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7:30am 7:30am

Strawberry Festival, Vista, CA

Strawberries and Siberian Cupcakes, OH MY!!!  Stop by our booth at the Vista, CA Strawberry festival and learn about the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center, spin the wheel of foxy love, and buy some super foxy clothes to support the center. We are looking for corporate and private sponsorship, as well as any help developing the center. Interested in helping, contact us!!  STAY FOXY!

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Southern CA EVENTS!
to Jan 27

Southern CA EVENTS!

Siberian Cupcakes is heading to Southern CA Jan 20-26.  Photo opportunities will be posted by our photographers and will be listed here as well. If you are a photographer or a facility interested in hiring the Siberian Cupcakes for a shoot or event, contact us at  If you are looking to book a photo shoot, we can connect with the photographer for rates and locations.  Staying Foxy, we are!

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The Russians meet Jeff Corwin
3:30pm 3:30pm

The Russians meet Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin invited some of our Siberian Cupcake Russian friends to an educational seminar. Pictured here are Pusha, a platinum Russian domesticated fox and Dante, a silver Russian domesticated fox. Amy and Dave were invited to attend this event from their friends the Kalmansons.  If you would like an event with the Russians or one of our US tame foxes, please let us know.

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